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January 2009

Featured Alum: Kory Krinsky

Name: Kory Krinsky

DI Class: 2007

Thesis Film: Life with Sirens

Current Position: Researcher/Freelance Editor & Producer, National Geographic Television and Film (Digital Studios)

What are the responsibilities in your current position?
In my research position, I am responsible for locating footage for clients and then editing together a demo reel for their viewing. My clients consist of both internal (National Geographic) and external (Warner Brothers, NBC, Sony, etc.) companies. In my freelance Producer/Editor job I am responsible for researching, writing, and editing together 3 to 4 minute shorts on varying subjects for the Web and/or DVD.

What projects have you been working on?
I do quite a few research requests in one day but most recently, I worked on a National Geographic game for the Playstation 3 console. In my freelance Producer/Editor job I have been working on a series of destination videos, as well as a series about the future of the human race and its relationship with the planet.

In what ways did your experience at the Documentary Institute help prepare you for your professional career?
I would have to say one of the most important lessons I learned from the Documentary Institute was not to take things too personally. Films/projects can be hit or miss, sometimes when you have done everything right and it still just doesn’t work out. Film is a form of expression not a mathematic formula, it is an art, and the best films always prove that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In the professional world you are likely going to work on many projects in a given year or even month and statistically they won’t all be great, so don’t beat yourself up over it too much. This works for criticism as well, because when your senior producer is telling you to fix something it is to make it better and not to hurt your feelings.

Describe the experience of working on your thesis film. In what ways has this experience helped you, both personally and professionally?
My thesis film taught me so much but I learned most from the things I did wrong. I would much rather get things wrong and learn while in graduate school rather than the professional world (where I am bound to still get so much wrong).

What were the most helpful aspects of your time at the Documentary Institute?
Learning how to work creatively with others, this is so huge. If you can’t do this then you might as well stop or never consider being a filmmaker.

What are your plans for the future?
At this time I plan to continue what I am doing but I would eventually like to do more producing and less researching and editing.