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by Hannah Bunning

David Ubl
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Fashion Design in Berlin

With all the fashion trends in Berlin today, some think it is only a matter of time before the city makes its way to the top of the fashion world.

David Ubl is a budding fashion designer who attends Esmod, a fashion school in the city.  He will graduate this year and has studied at three different design schools. He said he thinks Esmod is one of the best schools for fashion design. 

“The way they teach is perfect,” he said. The students spend a lot of time working on their own and making their own deadlines.    

Ubl, 23, draws a lot of his inspiration from the Internet and everyday life in Berlin.  He often gets ideas while riding on the subway. 

“I love all the different styles and different areas of Berlin,” he said.  “You can get everything.”

He is currently working on his diploma collection, City Creativity, which focuses on the creative people in the city.

 “The creative people always need more time and four hands because they are doing so many things at the same time,” he said.

 Each outfit in this collection has a second pair of sleeves that can be tied around the body in various ways.

He recently was selected from 1,652 entrants to receive the Hemple Gold Award.  He was flown to Beijing, China, to show his collection at the opening of the city’s fashion week.

According to Ubl, Berlin is already the strongest fashion capital in Germany.  The city is going to continue to gain strength over the next couple of years.  

 “I hope that in 10 years Berlin could be so strong,” he said.