University of Florida - Berlin 2008 Study-Abroad Photojournalism Program

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by Jennifer Keil

Stefan Kraul
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Fashion Photography in Berlin

In a city that often conjures up images of communist-tinged drabness or punk-laced eccentricity, Stefan Kraul is doing his part in opening up the new and burgeoning world of Berlin's glamorous high fashion.

Stefan is a 28-year-old fashion photographer who lives and works in Berlin. Although he has shot everything from breaking news coverage to school portraits, fashion photography is his passion. He prefers to do haute couture photo shoots and runway shows above other kinds of photography.

"Berlin just keeps getting bigger and bigger, even in fashion, so there are more opportunities," he says.

Berlin is growing to be one of the big fashion cities of the world, perhaps one day rivaling New York and Paris, Stefan says.

Stefan does almost all of his photography in Berlin, which he says has the advantage of providing a variety of locations. Beyond the photo studio he has in his apartment, Stefan holds fashion shoots in places like public parks, city streets, swimming pools and empty buildings.

Stefan often does photo shoots of collections from fashion design students at the prestigious ESMOD International Fashion School in Berlin.

Stefan has a connection to ESMOD through his roommate, David Ubl, a student there. The two work together as a fashion dream team, with David designing and making the clothes and Stefan taking the pictures to make the clothes marketable.

"We work a lot together," Stefan says. "It's really perfect. I bring jobs. He brings jobs. It's great."