University of Florida - Berlin 2008 Study-Abroad Photojournalism Program

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by Julianna Samper

Peter Burri
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Drummer Brings his own Beat to Berlin

After living in Berlin for four years, 24-year-old Peter Burri finds the city fascinating because of its diversity, history and unique style it has acquired after the wall came down.

He finds regular old buildings in the former east, not necessarily the “historical” ones, unique in the way they all have a particular appearance due to their history. “These parts of Berlin are very rough – the infrastructure wasn’t that good,” he said.

Burri is currently living in an old building close to Alexanderplatz. Once you walk in to take the four-person elevator, a particular dusty-attic smell overwhelms you and the old-fashioned beige floral wallpaper reminds you of the description of a communist building.

For the most part, adapting to the lifestyle here has been an easy process for Burri. Berlin is a cheap-to-live-in city – offering the younger generation a great freedom of expression, cultural diversity and a variety of activities to follow a not-so-monotonous lifestyle, he says.

Burri, a print and media technology senior at the Technische Fachhochschule in the north of Berlin, is also the drummer for the band Minni the Moocher. He started playing with the band in 2005.

“I read on a newspaper that this band was looking for a drummer so I went there to an audition.” He made it on the second audition. 

The band does about 30 concerts a year, “that’s mainly the best part of the band, playing live…it’s quite fun to see people dance in front of you and have fun,” Burri said.