University of Florida - Berlin 2008 Study-Abroad Photojournalism Program

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by Robyn Nelson

Dawn Nelson
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Bringing American Cupcakes to Berlin

Dawn Nelson visited her mother's homeland of Germany five years ago on a backpacking trip after becoming tired of life in the United States. A native of Florida, Nelson worked as a cosmetics artist for the M.A.C. beauty products line, but was looking for a change of pace. She found it in Berlin.

Establishing the city's first cupcake bakery has not been easy. "Most Europeans do not know what a cupcake is they ask me if it is a muffin, or ice cream," she says.

After testing out recipes on her German friends and wading through the paperwork for starting a business in Berlin with her boyfriend and business partner, Daniel, Cupcake was born. The store, located near Boxhagener Platz at Krossener Str. 12, has quickly become a local success. Film companies and movie stars alike have requested catering by Cupcake.

Are there plans to expand the stores beyond the flagship store in Friedrichshain? "We're definitely thinking about it," Nelson says.