University of Florida - Berlin 2014 Study-Abroad Photojournalism Program


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Restaurant Owner
by Shayna Tanen

Finding His Place
by Leanna Scachetti

For the Love of Sports
by Adriana Barbat

Recycled Goods
by Kim Dang


Renewable Energy
by Amanda Dempsey

The Ice Cream Lady
by Aubrey Stolzenberg

Bike Shop Manager
by Shibei Ding

WSJ Arts Reporter
by Erica Hernandez


Book Store Owner
by Shayla O'Keeffe

Chalk Artist
by Brenda Brito

Skateboard Fun
by Marley Boerema

Horse Puppeteer
by Allison Deutch



Tea Man of Berlin
by Jake Nutting

Walking Tour Guide
by Michael Stone

Beads and Beads
by M
allory Neumann

Irish Sound Engineer
by Xin Li



Norwegian Student
by Alec Carver

Video *Coming Soon*
by Daron Dean

by The Class

2015 Information
by John Freeman