University of Florida - Berlin 2016 Study-Abroad Photojournalism Program


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Rapper and Teacher
by Tamara Dobry

Syrian Refugee

by Andrea Cornejo

Drag Queen
by Ainesey Foira

Creative Writer

by Shamarria Morrison

Painter - Muralist

by Rebecca Solovay

Beach Volleyball
by Natalia Piferrer

by Alexa Romagnolo

Oxidized Art
by Charles Hatcher

Bike Tour Guide
by Chesleigh Slayton

The Egyptologist
by Diane Nunez

Street Musician
by Erin Burrichter

Photo Store Owner
by Justin Tompkins

Freelance author
by Kaila Jones

Flower Shop Worker
by Kat Boonzaier

Syrian Refugee
by Katelyn Irvin

Walking Tour Guide
by Molly Donovan

Street Musician
by Savanna Kearney

Italian Photographer
by Isabella Fogle