Bad HEADSHOT examples! Things to avoid:

Bricks are generally a bad
background. The lines of
mortar are really distracting.
Move elsewhere!

Bright sunlight causes
squinting and it's hard to see
the subject's eyes! Try your
photo in the shade or under
an awning.

Lines show up sometimes
where you think the back-
ground is plain. Avoid
house siding, garage doors
etc. The shadows turn plain
backgrounds into busy ones.
Don't shoot goofy-face headshots.

Well, hats can be a problem,
can't they? It'd be nice to see
this guy's eyes. Look at your
subject's face and see if
shadows are going to hide
the eyes.

It's essential to have the
eyes in focus for a strong
portrait; not the ears or
T-shirt. In dim light it's
harder to focus. If you
move, or your subject
moves, check focus
before shooting any more. Focus on
the FRONT eye if your subject is
turned toward you.

Don't try these shots at
home! You can do much
better if you follow tips
given in class.

To see some good examples
from former students,
click here.

(Examples here supplied by
an anonymous student.)

By John Freeman, Associate Professor of Journalism