Representing the
College of Journalism and Communications
in the "Portraits and Features" category of the Hearst contest

Jon Fletcher, 5th place

  With years of life
caked under his
fingernails, ex-biker
Lee Whitlock
his son's tender feet
and tells of his wild
days on the road.

Krystal Geraghty, 4, cries
during recess after her
mother phoned the school
to have her dropped off
at the babysitter's house
instead of home.

 Big brother Jeremy
Andrews gives a
little hands-on help
to his sister Amanda
during a backyard
baseball game
at a friend's
birthday party.

Gripping tightly and
giving it all she's got,
Edna Lightner leads
her teammates in a
tug-of-war match during
the Philippine
Centennial celebration.

Melissa Lyttle, 7th place

A.J. Whittenberg,
85, still gets
when thinking about
the lynch mob trial
he witnessed in
Greenville, S.C.,
51 years ago.

Shirdene Sabree and
her 89-year-old mother,
Hadiyah Muwwakkil,
prepare to make their
sacred pilgrimage
to Mecca, the fifth
pillar of Islamic culture.

Barely able to reach
the hand dryer, two
little girls at a foster
children's camp stand
on their tiptoes and
extend their arms
as high as they can.

Soaring through the air
with the greatest of ease,
David Gehm, 10, prepares
to land after releasing
himself from a swing
at a park in Columbia, S.C.

Entries coordinated by John Freeman
Associate Professor of Journalism

Nov. 6, 1998