Rich Glickstein                                                          Michael Weimar

The University of Florida's photojournalism program 
finished in second place overall in 
the Hearst Intercollegiate Photojournalism competition for 1999-2000. 
It was the third year in a row.
More than 100 schools and universities were eligible nationwide. 

Two UF students competed in the final shoot-out 
in San Francisco May 19-23, 2000. 
Michael Weimar won third place; 
Rich Glickstein was in the unranked fourth-to-sixth places. 

To see student entries submitted during the year, please click below.

Round One: portrait/feature by Rich Glickstein and Michael Tercha
Round Two: news/sports by Michael Weimar and Matt May
Round Three: picture stories by Eric Zamora and Michael Tercha