Professional Summers During several summers, I haven't taught photojournalism on campus. Instead, I've worked professionally. In 1995, the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications awarded me summer salary to shoot assignments at the Los Angeles Times. In 1996, I observed operations for eight weeks at National Geographic magazine. During 2002, I worked for six weeks at The Record in Bergen County, NJ, as a recipient of a fellowship from the American Society of Newspaper Editors.

Photo by Craig Hacker, Kansas State University intern
Summer 1995

I shot photos as an academic intern at The Los Angeles Times
Orange County Edition
in Costa Mesa, Calif. Check out a few of the
color photos I had published.
Summer 1996

I was a faculty fellow at National Geographic magazine in 1996. While on the plains of Nebraska with Joel Sartore, we found a gas station that looked like a covered wagon. Read the story here.

Summer 2002

Members of The Record photo department in New Jersey laugh as Tom Franklin (right foreground) shoots a group portrait on my last day of the ASNE fellowship. Tom's farewell gift was a jar of pasta sauce that a chef had given him earlier in the day during a studio shoot. See a sample of my work from the summer.