Button for MP3 Audio in Flash

(Can be used on any Web page)

This page demonstrates the capability of Flash to play standalone audio files. Right-click to download the SWF file.

In each case, the SWF is identical. But the SWF is inside a unique folder that also contains an audio file named "audioclip.mp3."

View of file directory

By copying the same SWF into separate folders, placing your MP3 file in that folder with the SWF (only one MP3 in each folder), and renaming your MP3 in each case to "audioclip.mp3" -- you can place as many of these buttons as you like on one Web page.

You'll need to type in the new HTML after you create the OBJECT and EMBED code:

View HTML source

Thus you can name the folders anything you like. However, the SWF must always be named audio_button.swf and the MP3 file must always be named audioclip.mp3.

Mindy McAdams
Nov. 11, 2005

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