Slideshows produced on-site in Berlin, Germany, May 2011

     (Project no longer available)
     by Meredith Rutland

     Cory Andreen – American Opens a Coffee Shop
     by Chrissy Harris

    Nicolay Tarasov – Russian Musician Doubles as Receptionist 
    by Katie Osborne

     Claudia Hiesle – Director of Kinderbaurenhof (Petting Zoo)
     by Erik Knudsen

     Travis Todd – American Entrepreneur in Berlin
     by Burton Hohman

     Fred Jacob – The Basketmaking Master  
     by Taka Hamada

     Jens Beckman – Berlin Philharmonie Tour Guide  
     by Junie Joseph

     Frank Polser – Coffee and Community in Berlin  
     by Gene Rodrick   

     Jennifer Pfirsich – Shoe Enthusiast Manages Spanish Shop 
     by Alexandra Solano

     Katie Clemons – Journal Maker
     by Courtney Arnold

     Claire Davis – The Intriguing Illustrator
     by Alison Krueger

     Jenny Brόckner – Comestic Consultant, Facial Therapist
     by Lyn Kramer

See the student journalists on the May 20-June 2, 2011 trip.
Study-abroad journalism course conducted by Associate Professor John Freeman, University of Florida