THIS IS AN UNDERGRADUATE CAPSTONE COURSE. Graduate students cannot enroll in this course. Before you can be enrolled in this course, you will need to apply and also meet with Professor McAdams. Admission to all capstone courses in the Journalism major is by application.

> Fill out and submit the application form here.

THIS COURSE HAS A PREREQUISITE. Students must complete MMC 3260 Communications on the Internet, with a grade of C or better, before taking this course. There are no other specific prerequisites for this course at this time. However, students who have completed one or more of the following will be better prepared: JOU 3346L, JOU 3601, JOU 4201, JOU 4341, MMC 4341L. No student can take a capstone course unless he or she has completed JOU 3101 Reporting with a grade of C or better.

Students in this course should meet the equipment requirement. At minimum, students need a recent laptop computer, preferably a MacBook Pro running OS 10.6 or higher.

Description: This course is ever evolving. In past years the course has emphasized various different online skills and experiences intended to “cap” (or “crown”) your experience as a Journalism major who has a distinct interest in online journalism. This is not a course that emphasizes writing. However, students will be expected to report original stories and produce digital and online story components.