Alumni Updates

Class of 2009

Lindsey Clark
Lindsey is an associate producer with Story House Productions in Washington, D.C.

Class of 2008

Chris Brannan
Chris is working as a production assistant for the non-fiction production company Eyes of the World Media Group in Culver City, California.

Michelle Friedline
Michelle is currently doing post-graduate internships with Maysles Film and Loki Films in New York.

Rebecca Goldman
Becca is working at Pink Sneakers Productions in Orlando, Florida. Pink Sneakers develops and produces original programming for various networks including VH1, MTV, & ABC.

Dave Randag
Dave is currently working on a documentary being produced for the History Channel. He is based in New York City.

Laureen Ricks
Laureen is in Albuquerque, New Mexico teaching film and journalism for the AmeriCorps program.

Class of 2007

Kimberly Cooke
Kimberly is the location coordinator for the Palm Beach County Film and Televison Commission.

Kory Krinsky
Kory is working in the Moving Image Division of National Geographic. He is also serving as a Freelance Producer/Editor for National Geographic Digital Studio.

Jackie Olive
Jackie is working as a production coordinator with PBS’s Independent Lens.

Jolene Pinder
Jolene is an associate producer with Arts Engine Inc. /Big Mouth Films in New York.

Sarah Zaman
Sarah is a producer/line producer for Beyond the Headlines, part of Voice of America’s Urdu Service which provides programming for Pakistan.

Class of 2006

Beth Ann Baunoch
Beth Ann is living in Indiana and working as a freelance editor and producer.

Bill Clarke
Bill is working as a director at KVBC-TV in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Diana Donnelly
Diana is working as a Moving Image Researcher at National Geographic in Washington, DC.

Autumn Tarleton
Autumn is serving as an assistant editor, assistant producer and post-production coordinator for Doublewide Media in New York.

Class of 2005

Genevieve Croteau
Genevieve is the director of development for Sirens Media. Located in Silver Springs, Maryland, Sirens Media produces programming for the Animal Planet, MSNBC, Bravo and Court TV.

Mary Fallon
Mary is working as editor-in-chief and site producer of, an emerging technologies news and information site hosted by technical magazine publisher IDG.

Jon Jensen
Jon is working as a video journalist and producer for The Daily News Egypt/International Herald Tribune. He is based in Cairo, Egypt.

Yvonne Lai
Yvonne is working as a desk assistant on the national desk at ABC News in New York City.

Michelle Phillips
Michelle has left Sirens Media to pursue an International MBA.

Craig Roberts
Craig is working as a freelance photographer and sound man in New York City. He recently completed work for the History Channel on a piece about African American World War II Medal of Honor recipients.

Leah Woodward
Leah is working for Faith and Action for Strength Together in Clearwater, Florida. A not-for-profit organization, FAST is an interfaith coalition of 25 congregations that work to improve the quality of life for those in need by confronting public officials and demanding action on issues of injustice and poverty across Pinellas County. Leah serves as a community organizer and helps coordinate and train the various congregations.

Class of 2004

Monica Bigler
Monica is currently a doctoral candidate in the Department of Psychology at the University of Florida.

Sean Lewis
Sean is in Great Britain working for True Vision, a documentary production house that focuses on human rights issues. True Vision produces work for the BBC and Channel 4 as well as HBO and Discovery.

Suzanne Neidland
Suzanne is working as an independent producer in South Florida. She also sits on the board of directors for the Palm Beach County Film & Television Commission and serves as Honorary Artistic Director for the Sarasota film festival, “Through Women’s Eyes.”

Anberin Pasha
Anberin recently spent four months in Ethiopia working on a documentary on the stigma and discrimination faced by people with HIV. The half-hour documentary film was funded by USAID and is now being distributed in parishes across Ethiopia by the Orthodox Christian Church of Ethiopia. In addition, she is working on a grant to produce a film in India while continuing her work with the International Aid Organizations on a freelance basis. Anberin lives in Belgrade, but plans to keep a base in India as well

Sarah Prior
Sarah is working as a staff field producer for CBS News/ 48 Hours.

Lenina Ulrey
Lenina is a technical writer with AgCert International plc, a Melbourne, Fla. company, which creates agriculturally derived greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions. She is also a freelance scriptwriter/producer for BPS-TV, the public television station of the Brevard County School Board and has done production work for WBCC-TV in Cocoa.

Class of 2003

Kim Armstrong
Kim is working with Pink Sneakers Productions in Orlando as an Associate Producer for MTV’s I Want A Famous Face.

Scott Burns
Scott is working as an analyst with the U.S. Government and as an adjunct professor with Georgetown University. He is currently in pre-production on a documentary on drag kings in the DC area.

Donna Pazdera
Donna is teaching journalism and broadcast courses at the University of Texas-Pan American in Edinburg, Texas. In the summer of 2005, she pioneered a documentary filmmaking course for beginners modeled loosely on the program at UF. She is also the faculty adviser for the Panorama, the student magazine.

ChrisAnn Silver
ChrisAnn operates a production company, Silver Video LLC.

Class of 2002

David Cassidy
David Cassidy works for the documentary production company Cabin Creek Films in New York City. Cabin Creek Films is headed by award-winning documentary maker Barbara Kopple.

Mike Kirschbaum
Mike is living in Los Angeles and is currently working on a short film, writing a feature script with a partner, and working as an assistant to a director/producer. He has also worked as a production assistant, a production manager, and as first assistant director on videos and concerts.

Sandra Krasa
Sandra works with ADV Flms in Houston as a producer and a director. She is currently directing the English version of the latest Hello Kitty Animation Series and is into her second season of directing a show called Kaleido Star, which recently received a Best Anime Release award. In regard to her documentary work, she has finished Brixton and Babylon — a documentary she worked on with her Institute partner Bianca White. She now has two projects in the works, Growing Up on Death Row and another called Anime Famous.

Chris O’Brien
Chris is a high definition camera operator and editor for Karst Productions. Karst recently produced Waters Journey which aired nationally on PBS.

Rachel Sandals
Since graduation Rachel has worked on several educational and professional videos. Most recently, she worked as part of a market research team for the Eastman Kodak company. This included traveling to India and Russia to conduct research and producing short corporate videos. Presently, she is teaching and freelancing in New York .

Dave Striepe
Dave is working for the Turner Network in Atlanta, Georgia.

Bianca White
Bianca White is currently living in Philadelphia where she is Director of Youth Media Programs at EducationWorks (EW), Inc. a non-profit that provides supplemental educational programming to urban areas characterized by high rates of poverty and illiteracy. In 2003, Bianca helped found the EW Youth Media Initiative (YMI), a program that empowers youth through video and music production, entrepreneurship, journalism, and creative writing.

Class of 2001

Semi Aboud
Semi works in Los Angeles in casting and development for Pilgrims Film and Television.

Ashanti Allen
Ashanti is a writer/producer at the UPS corporate office in Atlanta.

Rana Martin
Rana is a Senior Producer at Final Cut NY.

Won-hwan Oh
Won-hwan Oh has opened a production company, Doculine, in Seoul, South Korea. He is currently working on a documentary on the history of the Presbyterian Church in Korea.

Jason Osder
Jason is an assistant professor of Media and Public Affairs at the George Washington University. He has also co-authored a book, Final Cut Pro Workflows: The Independent Studio Handbook published by Focal Press. In 2005, Jason formed a new company: Amigo Media LLC. His partner is Robbie Carman, a nationally recognized Final Cut Pro Expert.

Lee Rogers
Lee Rogers served as assistant producer on A Yiddish World Remembered, which was broadcast nationally on PBS stations in August 2002.

Angela Dean Vigil
Angela is working as a multimedia producer, writing and producing public service announcements, educational videos and cable access talk shows for the City of Jacksonville’s Public Information Office.

Houston Wells
Houston is working for Digital Lighthouse a production company located in Gainesville Florida. He has helped produce a documentary on a local Rails-to-Trails project. He has also independently produced an informational piece on house deconstruction that is being distributed to interested groups across the country.

Walt Williams
Walt is working as a videographer, producer and director for Mississippi Educational Television.

Class of 2000

John Aldrich
John works for National Geographic Society as a writer, producer, photographer and editor for the JASON Project. The JASON Project, supported by the National Geographic Society Education Foundation, engages students in inquiry-based investigations by taking them on real-life scientific expeditions. The program is widely regarded as a leading provider of experience-based science and math curricula and professional learning for grades four to nine. John is also working with 2001 graduate Jason Osder on Fire with Fire, a conflict about the city of Philadelphia and the group known as MOVE.

Allyson Beutke DeVito
Allyson Beutke DeVito is a Ph.D. student in the College of Communication and Information at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Her concentration is journalism and electronic media. She is teachingIntroduction to News Writing courses and plans to focus her research on media ethics and education, history, and law.

Pilou Miller
Pilou is attending NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts in the highly competitive Performance Studies program.