Documentary Institute Advisory Board Members

John Aldrich
Producer, National Geographic Television, DI graduate, Washington, D.C.

David Cassidy
Producer, Cabin Creek Productions, DI graduate, New York City

David Colburn
Historian, former Provost, University of Florida, Gainesville

Maryanne Culpepper
Senior Vice President, Editorial Development, National Geographic Television, UF College of Journalism and Communications graduate, Washington, D.C.

Susan Janis-Mashayekhi
VP of Production, Pink Sneakers Productions, Orlando

Mickie Edwardson
Emeritus Professor, Department of Telecommunication, University of Florida,

Eric Flagg
Producer, Jellyfish Smack Productions, DI graduate, Gainesville

Yance Ford, Series Producer, P.O.V. | American Documentary, Inc.,
New York City

Peter Gilbert
Producer and Photographer, Kartemquin Films, 1998 Emmy Award and Directors Guild of America Award, Chicago

Amy Goldberger
Publishing consultant, UF graduate, New York City

Rachel Grady
Loki Films, 2007 Academy Award nominee, New York City

Diana Ingraham
Co-director, U.S. Independents, Washington, D.C.

Manny Lucoff
Emeritus Professor, University of South Florida, UF College of Journalism and Communications graduate, Gainesville

Ken Mandel
Executive Producer, Great Projects Film Company, 1996 Academy Award nominee, 1997 Emmy nominee, New York City

Rana Martin
Executive Producer, Final Cut, DI graduate, New York City

Joan Monsky
Co-founder, Jacksonville Film Festival, Jacksonville

John Monsky
President, First Florida Capital Corporation, Jacksonville

Jason Osder
Assistant Professor, The George Washington University, DI graduate,
Washington, D.C.

Suzanne Niedland
President, BusEye Films, DI graduate, Jupiter

Dan Spiess
CEO and Producer, Digital Lighthouse, Gainesville

Gregory von Hausch
President and CEO, Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival, UF graduate,

Houston Wells
Producer, Digital Lighthouse, DI graduate, Gainesville

Debbie Zimmerman
Executive Director, Women Make Movies, New York City