2006 Graduating Class

Milk Matters

Milk MattersIt seems like the most natural thing in the world so why don’t more women do it? Although 70% of new mothers breastfeed, only 14% continue to do so exclusively for the recommended 6 months of a new baby’s life. Milk Matters explores the challenges women encounter when faced with the decision to breastfeed or formula feed.

Co-directed by Beth Ann Baunoch and Tina Bushnell

The Regiment

The RegimentHe’s a child of the Sixties. They love Hip-Hop. He’s militantly anti-corporate. They’re essentially owned by Nextel and Xbox. What draws them together? They all have a passion for reenacting the Civil War. The Regiment is a quintessentially American story of an unlikely group on a big trip. Follow veteran reenactor Robert Goldman as he struggles to unite his loose band of urban kids from Providence, Rhode Island and introduces his protégés to a history miles from their Dominican heritage.

Co-directed by Bill Clarke and Matt Wittmer

Desecration Nation

Desecration NationSome say Old Glory must be protected against flag burning at all costs. Others say the symbol of liberty represents the freedom to burn the flag. Who is right? Desecration Nation explores the issue of flag desecration through the eyes of Americans around the country, including a Communist, an artist, a conservative radio talk show host, and the world’s largest collector of American flags.

Co-directed by Diana Donnelly and Autumn Tarleton

Gimme Green

Gimme GreenGimme Green is a humorous look at America’s obsession with the residential lawn and the effect it has on our environment, our wallets and our outlook on life. From the limitless subdivisions of Florida to sod farms in the arid Southwest, Gimme Green peers behind the curtain of the $40-billion industry that fuels our nation’s largest irrigated crop—the lawn.

Co-directed by Isaac Brown and Eric Flagg

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